Situations when Income from House Property is exempt from Tax

Sec Income from Property Held
10(1) Income from any Farm House forming part of Agricultural Income
10(19A) An Ex-Ruler for his occupation (Palace)
10(20) Local Authority
10(21) Approved Research Association
10(23B) Institution for the development of Khadi and Village Industries
10(23BB) Khadi and Village Industries Boards
10(23BBA) A Body or Author├Čty for administering Religious or Charitable Trusts or Endowments
10(23C) Certain Funds, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, etc.
10(24) Registered Trade Union.
10(26B) Statutory Corporation or an Institution / Association financed by the Government for promoting the interests of members of SC or ST
10(27) Co-Operative Society for promoting the interest of the members of SC or ST
11 Charitable Trust
13A Political Party

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