Service Tax

Renting of Immovable Property–Declared Services

Renting has been defined in section 65B as “allowing, permitting or granting access, entry, occupation, usage or any such facility, wholly or partly, in an immovable property, with or without the transfer of possession or control of the said immovable property and includes letting, leasing, licensing or other similar arrangements in respect of immovable property”…

Declared Services in Service Tax–An Analysis

The definition of service in the first instant is very wide to cover any transaction done for a consideration. However, there exist few activities which would overlap with the other levies of state with a marginal difference, thereby questioning the constitutional validity of the levy under service tax. In some cases there may be a…

Statutes Governing the Law of Service Tax

The provisions pertaining to service tax are given in Chapter V and VA of Finance Act 1994 as amended from time to time. The Central Government has also been empowered to make rules to carry out the provisions of this Chapter, through section 94 of this chapter. This comes along with the power to grant…

Service Tax in India–an Introduction

The article gives you an introduction regarding taxation of services in India. Budget 2012 has ushered a new system of taxation of services; popularly known as Negative List, which is also explained here.

Service Tax Accounting Codes

Service Tax accounting codes must be mentioned in the Service Tax Payment Challan (GAR 7). In case of Multiple service Provider (a service provider rendering more than one taxable service), amount attributable to each such service along with the concerned accounting codes should be mentioned clearly in the column provided for this purpose in the…


Negative List of Services–Service Tax

It is said that in matters relating to taxes, questions rarely change, but the answers do. Budget 2012 has, however, changed a number of questions relating to service tax. Budget 2012 which received assent of the President of India on 28.05.2012 has ushered a new system of taxation of services; popularly known as Negative List….